Lifestyle Lift® Before and After Photos

Full Face Lifestyle Lift Before and After PictureRight Eyes Lifestyle Lift Before and After PictureLeft Side of my Face Lifestyle Lift Before and After PictureRight Side of my Face Lifestyle Lift Before and After PictureLifestyle Lift scar along my ear is barely visible.
Full Face Lifestyle Lift Before and After Picture
Right Eyes Lifestyle Lift Before and After Picture
Left Side of my Face Lifestyle Lift Before and After Picture
Right Side of my Face Lifestyle Lift Before and After Picture
See the barely visible scar along my ear? A nice job by my Lifestyle Lift surgeon.

Note: You can use the small left and right arrows just below the picture on the right side to navigate the slide show or you can click a small dot on the lower left side. Hold you mouse pointer over an image to pause the slideshow.

This is a group of pictures taken shortly before I had my Lifestyle Lift® procedure and then again shortly after. I have tried to show you comparable shots to make the before and after comparison more meaningful. Notice the results in my jowls which were tightened up by the Lifestyle Lift® procedure as well as liposuction. There’s more pictures from the after surgery set available here.

Along with my Lifestyle Lift®, I was also very happy with the way my eye lid lift (Blepharoplasty) and liposuction on my jowls turned out.


    • says

      Looking back on the recovery I think probably not. However, I was really happy with my Lifestyle Lift for the first couple years afterwards. Now I’m about back to where I started and I’m not going to have a touch up.

      • says

        That is so interesting to me that you feel you are about back to where you were ~ I think you looked great both before and after – I do so admire your honesty, you are not addicted to this kind of thing, you come across as being a very well balanced person. It’s not fun getting older, besides the normal aches and pains, we have to see our reflection mature or see an unposed shot someone took at a party or something and say, geez, is that me – I also find it fascinating that you would not do a “touch up” and I wanted to ask your opinion on face fillers such as botox and juvaderm – do you think they are helpful – you do have a very natural look, I would not know you had anything done unlike some people who just go too far. I really appreciate your videos – so, did the lifestyle lift give a lasting result in your opinion?

  1. tanya says

    I had the LifeStyle lift 2 weeks ago and so far it was the worst thing that I have ever done!. I am scarred to death that I wont ever look normal again. So far my face is uneven and when I try to smile I look like I have had a stroke. They also did fat injections and I have huge lumps where they did the injections that feel like marbles. They did my upper eyelids and so far, this doesn’t seem too bad. The amount of numbness and pain is incredible. I cant imagine ever being able to wear my hair up ever again, my ears look deformed. I was a very pretty girl before and I am only 40 years old. I just wanted minor adjustments to my face and of course they assured me that I would look great. That was of course before they got my money. After my procedure, they treated me like a over reactive irritating patient and wanted nothing to do with me. I have had other cosmetic prodcedures in the past and I have always been very happy but when it comes to your face, I would never reccomend this for anybody. They lie and they are only in it for the money. Yesturday I sat in front of my computer for 4 hours reading all the horror stories and I was sick to my stomach. I researched the doctor and I have a friend that works at one of there offices and I felt comfortible with my decision but boy if I could change it, I would do anything to be able to take this back. I dont even want to leave my house and I only pray that I dont become like this poor women who had pain and issues for years after her procedure. Can anybody who has had this procedure offer any advise?

  2. Liz says

    I think you look gorgeous. I do not think in any way you are almost back to where you started. I feel extremely inspired after looking at these pictures. My Lifestyle Lift was exactly three weeks ago and I am encouraged by what I see. I have taken daily pictures of myself and I’m glad I did. This way I can encourage myself when I don’t think I’m healing fast enough. I can look back and see how far I’ve come. Thank you for taking all of the time you did to record your journey. There are many of us out here who appreciate your efforts so much.

    • says

      I’m happy for you Liz. I hope you’re absolutely satisfied with youthful looking results. Youthful escapes us so quickly, some of us need a little help. :)

  3. ondi says

    I watched your video before I went on 11/10/12 and you were so dead on. I couldn’t take the vicodin either. I had the lazor and the lift. couldn’t decide between lazor or eyes could only afford one or the other. Had nausea for 3 days and that wrap around my head made me want to run down the road screaming (if I could). I was also very scared when I went in and don’t see how I could ever do that again, the fear was so immense.. But this is tuesday and I’m already feeling better and looking good. I’m 61 so just a little change is all I want. You still look good three years later, don’t kid yourself. Thank you soooo much for your video. Ondi

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