Lifestyle Lift Results: Scars and Incisions

This video is seventeen days into my recovery from Lifestyle Lift surgery. You’ll see that the incisions and scars from the surgery is healing. My remaining stitches, sutures, will dissolve on their own including some internal stitches that are not visible. This is the first day that I did not take medicine for pain, which had most recently been Ibuprofen.

The knot on my neck is becoming smaller, although I still have some tightness from the shrinking scar tissue. I also have not recovered full feeling around my ears. You will see that the incisions that Dr. Castellano made around my ear are not really visible as he actually made the incision inside my ear.

Lifestyle Lift Scar  Around My Left Ear

Lifestyle Lift Scar Around My Left Ear is Healing Nicely

By this time, my eyes are now mostly healed from my eye lid lift or blepharoplasty. I’m wearing my normal eye makeup and I’m very happy with the results. Overall, I’m a happy camper and my life is beginning to return to normal.

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