Pain and Discomfort Following my Lifestyle Lift | Video


I was very excited the morning of my Lifestyle Lift surgery. It seemed I had been waiting a very long time for this, and now it was finally really happening. I had been searching the Internet for Lifestyle Lift information, read everything I could (both good and bad) and felt like I was ready. I understood there would be pain and discomfort for a while, but I had gathered together everything I believed would help me heal quickly, including my courage, and I was ready to “get’er done.”

I had prepared a very comfortable leather chair and ottoman in my living room with pillows to prop my head up and a comforter to keep me warm. It just so happened that it was chilly the morning of my surgery and got colder through the week, so my chair was perfect. You’ll see it in the videos. Some people use recliners, but we didn’t have one. I almost lived in my chair for two weeks.

My first night after my Lifestyle Lift procedure was the worse. I had to deal with the pain and also nausea as the Vicodin the doctor prescribed for pain made me sick and nauseous. The video will give you an idea of how bad I felt. Really bad!


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    I can see you went through alot – quite different from their glittering infomercials that make it sound like it’s like having a tooth filled. I think you are attractive both before and after – I don’t understand why they couldn’t give you Lortab 7.5mg for the discomfort. You don’t look like a monster as you say, you just look understandably swollen. Can I just tell you I am a guy in my mid 50’s and I have considered this procedure, but I can’t take two solid weeks off from work. Your videos have been very helpful to me, but your bright personality and natural attractiveness almost distract one from the results. I guess what I mean is, you are already a very attractive woman, and so a slight lift might be all someone like yourself might require. I am more interested in what YOU think, do you think it “turns back the clock” as they claim – don’t we all continue to mature – (well of course we do) – I don’t like getting older, trust me, I used to be a nightclub singer, I have always been fairly vain – but I am afraid of having that overdone look, especially on a guy.

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