Lifestyle Lift After Pictures – 4 Years After

Picture taken 4 years after my Lifestyle LiftPicture of 'turkey neck' taken 4 years after my Lifestyle LiftPicture of scars taken 4 years after my Lifestyle Lift

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Before and After Pictures – After Four Years

These photos were taken four years after my Lifestyle Lift. I’m 61 years old at this point and I haven’t had any Lifestyle Lift touch-up procedures.  I have included pictures face front and also profile pictures. There are pictures with a open mouth smile and some with a closed mouth smile. There are also close up photos of the scarring along the front of my ears and also behind my ears.

Lifestyle Lift Scars – Pictures after 4 Years

You will see the scarring behind my ears looks as if the skin is bunched or gathered. The scarring in front of my ear is slightly noticeable even though I am wearing make-up. As the skin on my jaws has loosened since my surgery, the scars have pulled forward out of my ears slightly. If you compare these photographs with the before and after pictures in the other photo galleries, you will see that the positive effects of my surgery have diminished over time, just as Dr. Castellano advised me. That’s no surprise to me; I knew I would continue to age.

Eyelid Lift or Blepharoplasty Pictures

If you look at my eyes in these pictures, you will see that my eyelid lift surgery, blepharoplasty, has been more lasting. I am very pleased with my eye lids.


  1. Sandy Texley says

    Cheryn in the grand theme of things are you happy that you had the procedure done. Tomorrow will be my second day and I will be going in for the wrap to be changed and a checkup; I did not have my eyelids done, but what I did have is laser around my mouth and my eyes. I went into this after my daughter in law took a picture of me and I saw the profile, and new that it was time to do something. Please let me know how you feel about this procedure and improvements or disappoints you have had.
    Respectfully, Sandy

    • says

      Sandy, as you know, it’s been four years since I had my Lifestyle Lift. I think I look better now than what I would have if I hadn’t done it. That being said, I would not do it another time. My doctor said it would last about four years and then I would begin to sag again. I guess I’m just going to have to grow old gracefully. LOL Really, I am very happy these days, especially since I retired and have time to do the things I love and get to spend more time with family and friends. I hope you are doing well and recover easily.

    • says

      I am in the process of scheduling this procedure and after reading posts are scare out of my witts! The scaring and results sound not so good. Please let me know how yours did, and anyone else. I have slightly sagging jowels and neck, just turned 60 and do NOT like it but do NOT want to make a big mistake either. Help???
      Paula – Louisville

      • says

        Hi Paula,

        If I were you, I would proceed with much caution. The Lifestyle Lift has received bad press as a result of less than competent surgeons. My face and neck is about back to the place where I was when I did my surgery. It is a lot of pain to go through for a few years of vanity. (See my videos) There is always scaring with any face lift. That just goes with it. If you decide to proceed with a Lifestyle Lift, I recommend that you thoroughly research your surgeon and talk to some of his or her patients. You’ve probably done that.

        My very best to you,


  2. says

    I think you look wonderful and it’s interesting to me that you wouldn’t go through it again, well I guess what I mean is you did it, it was an experience, but you are not addicted to cosmetic surgery. Some people, both male and female, get a little carried away with it – and don’t you think that a guy has to be careful to have a subtle result – some male actors and older country male singers get work done this is strange looking, while your results are really very natural. Why do some people get that “wierd eye” look but your upper lids look very natural? Aging isn’t fun, some people just don’t care, I guess I am somewhere in the middle. I’m a little too old for a Rock Concert but not quite ready for a Rock-ing Chair LoL – Cheryn, thank you for these very informative videos!

  3. says

    I had this procedure done approx.3-4 years ago and notice sagging jowls talked with a lady on lifestyle lift chat and she said that I would need to back in. Dr H. told me some people have to go back in 5 years depending on there facial skin.Really want to have this fixed. Not liking getting old at all.

    • says

      Hi Barbara,
      Having another lift is something to consider, however, I personally would not do it again. I guess it was just to much for me. I think there a lot of things you can do to stay looking and feeling younger… healthy eating, exercising, moisturizing, not smoking. Often doctors like the money and will tell you you need another lift when you really don’t. I think women are too hard on themselves. Maybe we all just need a good dose of positive thinking. :-)

  4. Art 62 says

    I want to have some adjustments done on my eyes,neck and face. I see everyone looking so GREAT and I get more excited each time I research. Simply remarkable results. Can you tell me how long it took for the operation? Was it very painful and how long did it take for your recovery? Do any of the procedures NOT work? They must have only the best Doctors performing. I cant wait to get started.

    • says

      Everything I can tell you is on my website. Be sure and look at the videos and read about my experience. You will then no everything I know…except perhaps the pain.

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