Lifestyle Lift Photographs Facelift Eyelift Pictures

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I took these eight pictures (click the arrows) before and after my Lifestyle Lift surgery. The photos in the gallery above were taken over the course of the first four days of my healing. During those four days I felt pretty much miserable, both from the pain and the discomfort of the surgery, but also from the yukiness of my dirty hair and the necessity of being wrapped up in the head bandages.

You can see the incisions and their sutures in front and back of my ears. I still have scars from these incisions but they are not noticeable in front unless I pull at my ear to stretch the skin. In the back of my ear, the scars are covered by my hair.

The incisions around my eyes are the result of my eye lid lift. Your surgeon will probably refer to an eyelift as Blepharoplasty. Not everyone who has a Lifestyle Lift has an eye lift. I had asked that my surgeon take a tuck on both my upper and lower eye lid, but he discouraged me against the lower eye lid.